Intelligent and flexible document routing.

Maintain document delivery preference for each business partner. Send the right document in the right format using the right delivery method.

Improve efficency and save time.

Ability to send email, fax, SMS and archive documents in a click saves valuable time and increases productivity. Activity logs and error reports help you monitor processes and ensure that business partners receive documents on time.

Reduce redundant work with batch processes.

Print a batch of marketing documents through the Document Printing function in SAP Business One. Process Customer Statements and delivere them in a click to avoid a need to process one document at a time.

Multi-language personalized messages.

Create email and fax messages in different languages to maintain personal touch and cater to your business partner's preferences.

Highly adaptable and customizable.

SQL data querying functionality makes access to any business data simple and facilitates using them in your communications. This makes dynamic composing of messages with contextual data possible.

Secure documents.

Data encryption and password protection feature will facilitate compliance with security guidelines and protect your business data.

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