Estimate the potential savings by analyzing cost and time on your current document delivery volume.

Number of documents processed per month by email, fax and filing


Estimated amount of dollars saved each month


Estimated time in hours saved each month

Simplified steps

Maintaining the delivery preferences on the Business Partner Master helps is sending the right document using the right delivery method without the user having to remember each time.

Cost and time saving

Streamlining your document delivery using rediSend can result in significant time saving and reduction in manpower cost.

Security compliance

The encryption function will facilitate compliance with security guidelines.

Personalized message

The ability to send email and fax messages in many languages will help you personalize messages to recipients preference.

Improved efficency

Ability to send fax messages from your desk increases efficient in operation.

Environment friendly

Substantial reduction is paper, toner and power consumption will help contribute to the green cause.

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